Advancing Acute Blood Purification

As a pioneer in blood purification products for more than half a century, Nikkiso has addressed the needs of caregivers while focusing on improving treatment outcomes for the patients who use these therapies. We developed and launched our first acute blood purification device, the BM25 in 1995.

Nikkiso Acute Blood Purification is a global market leader wholly focused on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy/Acute Blood Purification (CRRT/ABP), incorporating CRRT and other Extracorporeal Blood Purification Therapies. At Nikkiso Acute Blood Purification, we provide blood purification equipment and supplies that optimise patient care, improve clinical efficiency and reduce costs over the life cycle of the machine.

Nikkiso Acute Blood Purification is one part of Nikkiso Medical, a division of the Nikkiso Group, recognised around the world for our 50-year history of original technologies that span many fields including Aerospace, Industrial, and Precision Equipment.